About Four Winds Craft Guild

Four Winds Craft GuildFour Winds Craft Guild has been in the business of selling authentic local arts, crafts, and baskets on Nantucket since 1948.

Our History:

The Sylvia family acquired Four Winds Craft Guild in the mid-1980s. Four Winds Craft Guild specializes in contemporary Nantucket crafts, representing the work of many of the island’s best craftspeople. Four Winds Craft Guild specializes in authentic Nantucket Lightship Baskets and friendship purses, both contemporary and vintage, as well as sailor’s valentines, local artwork and carvings. Each of our offerings have been carefully hand selected and are all one of a kind, hand-crafted pieces perfect for any home and collector. We strive to focus on the creative abilities of local craftspeople and do not carry any imported items.


Working with so many wonderful basket weavers allows us to also offer basket repairs ranging anywhere from a small fix to a full refurbishment. It is also important to remember that because Nantucket baskets are such a small niche within the field of decorative arts and hold such a large range in valuation, it can be quite difficult to know what you have. We are happy to offer basket appraisals to help you determine the history and value of your basket.

Sylvia Antiques:

We are run in conjunction with our sister store, Sylvia Antiques and therefore also offer an ever changing assortment of antiques. Current owner John Sylvia has followed in his father and grandfather’s footsteps in running Sylvia Antiques, now in its 90th year of operation on Nantucket, located along with Four Winds Craft Guild at 15 Main St and at 6 Ray’s Court.

Four Winds Craft Guild - 15 Main Street NantucketFour Winds Craft Guild is located at 15 Main St in the historic Pacific Club building.
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If you are looking for Sylvia Antiques, please visit SylviaAntiques.com.