Jeff Raymond

Jeff Raymond creates handmade sculptures in the folk art tradition.  He has been drawing, painting, and working with wood since he was a boy.  Whales have been a fascination for him since he saw his first movie, “Moby Dick”, in 1956.  More than 45 years of Summer visits to Nantucket have both reinforced and enhanced his knowledge of whales and the history of whaling.

Jeff is an avid collector of anything whaling.  At first he used boards washed up on the beach for his carved whales, and made them specifically for himself, his family, and his friends.  Now semi-retired, he finds himself offering them for sale for the first time.  He still prefers to use old wood whenever possible; from a barn, the beach, or old buildings.

Each of his pieces are created in the traditional folk art style of the past and his production is limited, with constantly evolving designs.

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