Ditty Boxes and Ditty Baskets

Ditty Boxes by Mark Sutherland and Tom Keating

Ditty Box- n. A small box to hold a sailor’s thread, needles, comb, etc.

Originating from the 18th century Shakers and their bentwood boxes, sailors adopted the form and used materials that were readily available such as whalebone and baleen, often embellishing them with decorative scrimshaw and inlay.

Four Winds Craft Guild is proud to offer a variety of classic ditty boxes in contemporary formats by artists who use the same materials and fashioning techniques as their predecessors. From a small bureau box to the woman’s cocktail purse of the 1970’s, our artists continue this craft on into the 21st century in many beautiful ways.

Featuring artists such as Mark Sutherland, Tom Keating, Bill Sayle, Robert Spring


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