Sharon Woods Hussey

Nantucket artist Sharon Woods Hussey’s artwork is inspired by the unique beauty of the island. Her love of nature and the incredible beauty of the unspoiled vistas on this windswept isle are the primary focus of her work.

A member of the Artists Association of Nantucket, she is largely self-taught and considers her art a continuing challenge to capture Nantucket’s “personality,” its clarity of light, its great and changing skies, and its magnificent landscapes.
The small format paintings are Nantucket landscapes or single studies of iconic island images in fully realized detail. They often become the basis of larger paintings or are small renderings of full scale paintings she has done.  Each new rendering of favored images and themes is a unique and original painting.
Please note that Sharon’s art is highly collected and she has a rapid turnover in our gallery. Images below are representative of her body of work and if something is noted as sold, please feel free to contact us as we may have something similar available that has simply not made it to our online gallery.

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