Charles Kolnik

Charles Kolnik is a self taught painter.  He began his painting career in the early 1970’s and over the years has achieved artistic maturity inspired by his lifelong admiration and study of the particular works of Rembrandt, George Inness, Albert Pinkham Ryder, Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, Turner and Constable.
Claiming classical music as the number one inspiration for his art, he has been influenced as well by his general appreciation of the Barbizon and Hudson River schools. He has achieved a style identifiably his own with both landscapes and still lifes. Today he paints mostly in oils but over the past two decades he has worked as well in watercolor and egg tempera watercolor.
An avid fisherman and passionate lover of the outdoors is a likely combination of Charles’ personal humility and naturalist experience that brings both timely and timeless quality to his work.

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