Pearls and Pastel– 12.25 inch SOLD

Gerda Reid

Handcrafted Sailor’s Valentine in curly maple case with over 15 varieties of seashells, by award winning Cape Cod artist Gerda Reid.  Signed on reverse. 12 1/4 inches

Seashells varieties include polished abalone shell, Tampa tellen, Japanese telling, blue green limpet, baby cup, abalone, cultured pearls, Coralized algae, janthina, volvorina, white strombus, peach cultured pearls, cap shells, white litterina, blue green limpet, astrea,  operculum, blue mussels and sand dollars


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“Pearls and Pastels” is a meticulously hand crafted Sailor’s valentine by award winning artist Gerda Reid. This valentine is made from a variety of natural seashells. No dyes or paints were used in the making of this valentine. The pastel colors are all straight from nature and the sea side.  This elegant artwork features delicate central flower motif  surrounded by layers of shiny coral colored salt water pearls. The border alludes to delicate lace that’s made from miniature silver dollar shells.