Sea Foam – 12.25 inch

Gerda Reid

Handcrafted Sailor’s Valentine in mahogany case with ebony accented front and side inlay. This valentine features over 20 varieties of seashells, by award winning Cape Cod artist Gerda Reid.  Signed by artist on reverse.  12 1/4 inches

Shell varieties include flowers of yellow telling, coquina, telling rostrate, jobs tears shells, blue mussels, chitins, blue operculum, goose neck barnacle claws, volvarina, cultured pearls, yellow littering, yellow land sails, fluted clam shell, white strombus, Hawaiian sea glass, white tusk shells, chitin flowers, pearlized cinerius shells and heart cockle shells.




“Sea Foam” is a meticulously hand crafted sailor’s valentine by award winning artist Gerda Reid.  This beauty is made from over 20 varieties of seashells, all of them with natural color.  Gerda does not dye or paint any shells. These are the vibrant colors directly from nature and the sea side.  This bright and cheery composition will brighten your home and evoke thoughts of time spent near the beach.