Nantucket Basket Purses

by Bill and Judy Sayle

Bill and Judy Sayle are two of the top producers of Nantucket lightship baskets and actively working on the island today.  They have been practicing the craft since the late 1960’s and Bill’s father, Charles F. Sayle, Sr., was one of the first carvers of ivory embellishments for the first Nantucket purses made by Jose Formoso Reyes, who invented the style in 1948.

Each of the Sayle’s baskets feature their trademark slender white oak staves and beautiful tight weave with added embellishments in antique ivory, making each piece that much more luxurious while still maintaining the classic Nantucket style.  A true collectible, each basket is also given four small ivory feet attached to the base so as to slightly elevate the basket and preserve their signature.

Any of the Sayle’s purses can be customized to your liking, whether you would prefer the addition of a full ivory closure, scalloped ivory apron, or perhaps a contrasting wooden top.

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Prices for Bill and Judy’s Nantucket lightship baskets start at $2400.  Please contact us for exact pricing and availability.

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